Scroll down to locate Speech & Language (in the areas of Articulation, Language, Social Skills, Voice & Fluency), Augmentative/Alternative Communication (AAC), and Assistive Technology (AT) Resources

Speech & Language



Enrichment Opportunities

Peachie Speechie

Articulation videos for students demonstrating how to say certain sounds

Mommy Speech Therapy

Free speech therapy worksheets that provide words to practice for various speech sounds along with activities to practice them

Have More Fun

Online articulation games and flashcards to practice articulation skills

Speech & Language



Enrichment Opportunities

Speech and Language Kids

Free therapy materials covering both articulation and language skills

7–12 Student Interactives - Language Arts

Lessons for 7th-12th graders in the area of language arts

Home Speech Home

Twenty, 5 minute speech therapy activities you can do at home

Friendship Circle

Tips for engaging siblings in at-home therapy

Speech & Language

Social Skills


Enrichment Opportunities

Speech Therapist Mom

Youtube channel that has a variety of videos covering social skills as well as language and articulation skills

The Speech Express

18 activities for speech and language practice at home

Video Learning Squad

Access to videos teaching social skills

Speech & Language



Enrichment Opportunities

Stuttering Foundation

Resources for teens who stutter

5 Insightful TED Talks by People with a Communication Disorder

TED talks from people who struggle with communication disorders including Autism and stuttering


Augmentative/Alternative Communication


Enrichment Opportunities

Ms. T's AAC Website

Ms. Trudel (HUSD’s Speech Department and AAC Lead) has created a Google Site with far more resources than we could fit on this page. Check it out!

AAC Calendar: Daily Activities for Home

Created by a Speech Pathologist with free AAC lessons, releasing new lessons each week during school closures


Activities you can do at home with children who use AAC

AAC Language Lab

Offering two months free subscription during school closures, providing home-based activities and lesson plans that align with our District’s alternative curriculum, Unique and News2You.


Assistive Technology


Enrichment Opportunities

How to Type with Your Voice

Steps for using speech-to-text within Google Docs and Google Slides presenter’s notes


A youtube video explaining how to enable Grammarly